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Public speaker corporate event photography

While here staying #saferathome I’ve been looking through previous work and was reminded of an interesting series of shoots I did in 2018-19 that I’ve yet to share here. So, time to share!

A couple years ago I was contacted by the assistant to a man named Manny Scott, who would soon be speaking at a local high school in the San Fernando Valley. At the time I didn’t know who he was, but in retrospect I’m glad I got the call. Over the next two years I ended up traveling with Scott on several occasions to presentations he was giving in Boston, Monterey and Honolulu. It was a great experience getting to see the impact that he has on people, as well as getting to know him and his wonderful family, who typically travel with him as he tours the country up to 300 days a year.

Scott is a well-known speaker in the world of primary education, bringing an inspirational message and practical advice to both students and educators around the country. As a teenager, Scott was in the Long Beach classroom that inspired the 2007 Hollywood film, The Freedom Writers, about a group of underprivileged students who were inspired by their teacher, played by Hilary Swank in the film. He went on to study at UC Berkeley and later launched a successful career as a speaker and author, traveling the country to speak directly to students and educators about the power of education and having the will to overcome your circumstances.

When I first heard what he did I didn’t know what to expect and was even a little skeptical, never personally having had much interest in other motivational speakers. That opinion changed immediately after seeing his first presentations. Twice in a day he filled the auditorium at a school full of “at-risk” youth, all of whom sat in wrapt attention as he discussed his own troubled youth, plagued by abuse, crime and drugs and how he then rose out of those circumstances to lead a fulfilling life. I was surprised to see so many students in wrapt attention throughout the program. Many of them were in tears as he related his stories and several lined up following his speech for a chance to meet him and tell him their stories, to which he listened before offering his embrace and words of encouragement. It was obvious watching them that what he was doing was having a profound impact.

We enjoyed working together and after that event I went on to shoot a large education conference in Boston, another in Monterey and another school event in Honolulu. Despite the differences in venue and audience, in each case he was very well received and made an impression on everyone in attendance.

As I sit here now it’s obvious that large speaking events are not in the cards for a while, but I do recommend you catching his program once normality resumes, particularly if you are involved in education or have school-aged children. In the meantime, I see he has posted some advice for distance learning on his site that is worth a look.

Below is a fairly wide edit of some of my favorites from each of the events. Thanks for looking and stay healthy!

Women of Impact project for Pillsbury

Working Mothers Pillsbury Law Partners

Late last year I worked on a great project with the Pillsbury law firm that highlighted several of the firm’s partners who are also working mothers. As a working parent, and someone whose wife is a working mother with a very busy career, I was very much behind showcasing these hard working women. The project featured eight partners from LA, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and New York. My role was photographing the three partners in LA and also compositing and retouching all of the final images, the others shot by photographers from their respective cities. It’s great after all the hard work to see the images now featured on their homepage. You can check out the full piece here.

Working Mothers Pillsbury Law Partners

Corona life

Los Angeles Nature Landscape Sunflower

For those of us who need to be around people to work, this has been an epically slow period of time. What to do? Hunker down of course. Also, take walks. Many, many walks. We are fortunate to live near some expansive natural areas where we can get out of the house while maintaining more than adequate social distance. It’s helping to keep us sane while caring for our 1-year-old and a very active pup.

A huge thank you to all of you who continue to work through this to keep us all afloat! Particularly front line workers risking their lives and those of you who keep stores supplied with food and other necessities.

We are all hoping we get through this sooner than later, with as few casualties as possible. In the meantime it’s been inspiring watching everyone step up where needed. Even congress!

These are from a recent outing to one of our favorite local spots after a rain. Stay sane and stay healthy!

Golden Hour – Golden Road Brewing for Georg Fischer

Corporate Editorial Photographer - Golden Road Brewing Georg Fischer Portrait

Corporate Editorial Photographer - Golden Road Brewing Georg Fischer

I’ll be honest. Some assignments are more fun than others. When the job calls for you to spend the day shooting in the newest Golden Road brewery in Anaheim and the afternoon culminates in a private tasting by master brewer Victor Novak, eager to share some of his latest creations, it ranks right up there. The shoot was for Georg Fischer’s in-house magazine, Globe, which was running an article on how the cooling market segment of their piping division is serving the ever-growing craft brewing industry. I was to meet the featured GF employee, Dan Strömberg, the lucky man who makes the sales calls to this particular segment, at the brewery & tap room and spend the afternoon shooting the brewing process, portraits of him and Victor, and the piping that makes it all possible. The brewery, which has yet to fully open, is only the second brewing location for the immensely successful LA company, which opened its flagship brewery and restaurant in a stretch of warehouses in Atwater Village in 2011 and was acquired by InBev only 4 years later in 2015. The building is a massive warehouse situated directly across from Angels Stadium, which will eventually house a full restaurant that I imagine will be the place to be before and after baseball games in coming years. For now though, it sits mostly empty, with some space used for two rows of 50-barrel tanks and the rest dedicated to housing pallets of beer cans and a few rows of oak barrels aging various ales. The small Taproom, however, is open to the public. Despite the acquisition this they seem to have kept their character, something that was once feared lost upon being swallowed up by a major conglomerate. In fact, the Anaheim branch will be dedicated to smaller batch, experimental brews, such as the robust ginger bread stout and a refreshingly light mango berliner weisse we got to try following the shoot. These and others were served up by Victor, accompanied by explanations of what we were drinking and insights into thought process behind each experiment. My favorites are still their line of IPA’s, including Point the Way and Heal the Bay, but nothing on the menu disappointed. Were every shoot to end this way, well frankly, I wouldn’t get much else done. But a guy can dream. If you’re in the area I recommend dropping in for a pint. And if you get to take a brewery tour, check out those pipes!


Corporate Editorial Photographer - Golden Road Brewing Georg Fischer

Corporate Editorial Photographer - Golden Road Brewing Georg Fischer

Corporate Editorial Photographer - Golden Road Brewing Georg Fischer

Corporate Editorial Photographer - Golden Road Brewing Georg Fischer


Open Studio – 2017 Venice Art Walk

Venice Art Walk Open Studio

If you find yourself in Los Angeles this weekend please join me and photographer Martin Linss for our open studio event, part of the 38th Annual Venice Family Clinic Art Walk & Auctions! I’ve taken part in this for several years now and it’s always a fun time and great to raise money for a good cause. Our event is free, with a portion of sales going to the clinic. If you want to take the tour you can sign up here.