Eve Kemp Artist Portrait Photographer

Eve Kemp Artist Portrait Photographer Los Angeles

Last week I met up with artist Eve Kemp at his new studio and gallery space, Haus of Eve, to photograph him for a portrait series of Los Angeles artists, which I’ve been slowly working on over the past few years. Located on Washington Blvd. in Mid-City, Eve’s space is something to be experienced. It’s a French-gothic, candlelit den decorated with long, red curtains, porcelain figurines and unusual collectibles and also a gallery featuring a large selection of his paintings, which often incorporate recycled materials and have been described as human expressionist. He describes the entirety of it all as an installation, which seems right, since the feeling upon walking through the door is that you’re in another world. At first I was overwhelmed by all that I saw, but I’ve learned through experience that this is a good problem to have. Much more preferable than a blank wall. Everything was chill though, with friends coming and going over the couple hours I spent with him. I was quickly able to make sense of the chaos and find some compositions I liked. If you’re ever in the area, I suggest you take a look for yourself.


Eve Kemp Artist Portrait_Venice Photographer

Eve Kemp Artist Portrait

Eve Kemp Artist Portrait

Eve Kemp Artist Portrait_Los Angeles Photographer

Eve Kemp Artist Portrait_Venice, Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

4 Replies to “Eve”

  1. Hardback worthy…this man eve’s every moment should be documented …of course we won’t let that happen , jus so you kno,there will never be a better time to acquire his art everybody knows that:… Art critics come from everywhere 2 agree I hold this truth and all truths to be self evident… Oh this was all about eve…David zentz yur work is stellar…intrigued wit yur project…

  2. I purchased a painting by Eye the first time get to know about his that was like 8 years the piece title is the Christ , can anyone help Apraisal for insurance purposes
    Aprox 22×32
    Oil and elements

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