Jul 282017

Female Fitness Athlete Portrait Venice Beach

On weekday mornings when I’m not shooting, I can frequently be found on the Venice Beach boardwalk playing paddle tennis. From there you can see the Venice Beach sand pit, a fitness area situated behind the more famous Muscle Beach weight pen, where regulars and visitors work out on a variety of gymnastics equipment, including parallel bars, rings and rope climbs. I’m used to seeing various feats of strength being performed, but usually don’t give people a second look. A couple weeks ago however I looked over and saw a woman with a shock of pink hair doing a series of very difficult exercises seemingly on endless repeat. Pushups, pull-ups, upside-down shoulder shrugs, one-legged squats and other things I don’t know what to call. I had never seen her before and every time I looked over throughout the course of a couple of tennis sets she was still there working hard and still going strong. I’m always on the lookout for interesting subjects, so after a set concluded I decided to introduce myself and see if she’d be interested in shooting with me sometime. She told me her name was Krista Stryker, a fitness blogger and entrepreneur with an app called 12 Minute Athlete. No shock she was a pro. I followed up later with some samples of my work and she agreed to meet up. I had a great time working with her and shot a variety of portraits as well as images of her doing some difficult exercises. A recent Portland transplant, she told me she was a personal trainer at a few gyms, but has found a lot more satisfaction since starting her own business. I can identify with that. Shooting with her, however, made me realize that although I’m in fairly good shape there’s a lot of room for improvement. I’m starting with getting past 5 pull-ups, an exercise I’ve been neglecting for the past 20 years or so. If you’re interested in upping your fitness game and have 12 minutes to spare check out her website and follow her on instagram at @12minuteathlete. Also check out more images from the shoot below.



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Mar 162017

Model Actress Dancer Portrait Los Angeles

I recently met up with the talented and extremely photogenic actress and dancer Jacqueline Yunez at Concrete Studios in downtown Los Angeles to shoot portraits for part of an ongoing portfolio of LA-based artists. A Chicago native who moved here to pursue a career in the arts after graduating from the University of Tennessee, Jacqueline combines an urban aesthetic with a sort of laid-back, midwestern politeness that made working with her a pleasure. Here are a few of my favorites from our afternoon together.

Special thanks to my go-to hair and makeup artist, Bethany Ruck, for kicking things up a notch. And to Concrete Studios for the great space and rooftop location.

Actress & Dancer Studio Portrait Los Angeles - Jacqueline Yunez

Actress & Dancer Portrait Los Angeles - Jacqueline Yunez

Actress & Dancer Portrait Los Angeles - Jacqueline Yunez

Feb 022016

Publicity Portrait Photography Los Angeles - Made in LA

The right amount of wind in a photoshoot can have a nice affect. Too much and it just makes a mess of things. On an otherwise beautiful afternoon, in an otherwise calm week, I recently found myself in the latter situation while trying to create some striking publicity photos for Michelle Eskin, co-owner and managing director of editing house Cut + Run. For the entirety of the shoot there seemed to be no escaping the incessant blasts of cold air shooting down Melrose Avenue in all directions, threatening to knock over light stands and worse, for the purposes of the photos at least, attempting to make a mess of our subject’s beautifully styled hair. We attempted to hide from it by shooting in a narrow, walled off walkway, but even there it found us. Perhaps it was an early appearance by El Niño – it was late October – or perhaps just a fluke, but there we were and we had to make it work. Fortunately we had a great team and patient subject and managed to overcome this obstacle and make some great portraits for her. There was really no trick to it other than waiting for the brief lulls between gusts and then shooting like crazy for two or three seconds before the wind returned. This week has been gusty everyday, this time certainly thanks to El Niño. Perhaps that’s what reminded me to post this shoot. I don’t mind the wind and rain. It’s nice to have some weather around here from time to time. However I’m feeling quite fortunate that none of my shoots this week are outdoors! Not that we couldn’t handle it if we were of course. 🙂


Hollywood Publicity Portrait Los Angeles

Los Angeles Hollywood Publicity Portrait Photography

Dec 012015

Cosmopolitan Editorial Portrait Toni Ko NYX Cosmetics

I recently spent a whirlwind hour with NYX Cosmetics founder Toni Ko in one of her LA offices to photograph her for a Cosmopolitan feature called Get That Life. The weekly series focuses on successful women and how they made it in their respective careers. Ko founded her cosmetics company at 26 in order to bring a higher quality of cosmetics to people at drugstore prices. The Korean-born entrepreneur’s business quickly took off and 15 years later was sold to L’Oreal for an undisclosed sum estimated to be around $500 million. A ball of energy from the moment she walked into the room, Ko was a pleasure to work with and helped to make the most of our limited time. Seeing her enthusiasm first hand it came as no surprise to me that she’s found the success she has and is also not sitting still now that she’s no longer attached to NYX. She says she wants to sell two more companies in her lifetime, starting with an apparel line she is set to unveil early next year. I have little doubt she’ll do it. It’s worth a read to head over to Cosmo to get the rest of her story. More photos from the shoot after the jump.

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Oct 282015

Commercial Fitness Photo Shoot in Malibu

Commercial Fitness photo shoot in Malibu

Continuing with my recent efforts to build my commercial fitness and active lifestyle portfolio I recently invited professional soccer player and fitness model Diana Redman to do a shoot in Malibu. Diana, who plays center midfielder for the Israeli National Soccer Team, is a powerful athlete and was really fun to work with. Extra kudos are deserved for her willingness to go through with the shoot despite the nasty, seemingly endless heat wave that had us in 100+ degree temperatures that day! All that training in Israel has apparently conditioned her body to high temperatures as she’s barely breaking a sweat here. Myself and the makeup artist, on the other hand, were melting. Compliments as well to the talented hair and makeup artist, Emily Wetzel, who made Diana look great, kept her looking fresh all afternoon, and was a hell of a sport putting up with the heat. More photos are after the jump!

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