Mar 162017

Model Actress Dancer Portrait Los Angeles

I recently met up with the talented and extremely photogenic actress and dancer Jacqueline Yunez at Concrete Studios in downtown Los Angeles to shoot portraits for part of an ongoing portfolio of LA-based artists. A Chicago native who moved here to pursue a career in the arts after graduating from the University of Tennessee, Jacqueline combines an urban aesthetic with a sort of laid-back, midwestern politeness that made working with her a pleasure. Here are a few of my favorites from our afternoon together.

Special thanks to my go-to hair and makeup artist, Bethany Ruck, for kicking things up a notch. And to Concrete Studios for the great space and rooftop location.

Actress & Dancer Studio Portrait Los Angeles - Jacqueline Yunez

Actress & Dancer Portrait Los Angeles - Jacqueline Yunez

Actress & Dancer Portrait Los Angeles - Jacqueline Yunez

Jan 292014

Commercial Advertising photographer Los Angeles - Billboard


It was satisfying to see my images on billboards along Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles recently. The photos were part of an advertising campaign I shot for a new, LA-based clothing company called Bona Fide Clothing and Lifestyle Apparel. The shoot took place over two days in the downtown Arts District and at my home base, 1320 Studios in Venice. I had a great time working with the kids and young adults who modeled for the shoot. It was also great working with a new company whose aim is to not only be profitable, but also incorporates charitable giving into its business model — what the company refers to as “Conscious Commerce” — where a percentage of all sales goes to charitable causes in the community. Work is already underway for the company’s next campaign and I’m looking forward to being a part of it again.


Commercial Advertising photographer Los Angeles - Billboard


Commercial photographer fashion clothing apparel los angeles


Commercial photographer fashion clothing apparel los angeles

Jun 222011

Parkour traceur Brent Steffensen at 1320 Main Studios Venice

Traceur Brent Steffensen at 1320Main Studios, Venice

Parkour traceur Brent Steffensen studio photography

Traceur Brent Steffensen at 1320Main Studios in Venice.


I had a unique shoot with parkour specialist (a.k.a. ‘traceur’) and gymnast Brent Steffensen this week at 1320Main Studios in Venice. If you’re not familiar, parkour is urban freerunning, in which traceurs move across typically urban landscapes by running, jumping and climbing over anything in their way. It’s pretty impressive. Check out Brent’s stunt reel to get a taste.

I first met Brent a month ago after photographing him as he was doing corkscrews for a television crew on a grassy berm by the Venice Skatepark. I was just out shooting street photography, not paying much mind to the fact that there was a giant obstacle course set up nearby where contestants were auditioning for American Ninja Warrior. Upon talking to him I found out he was a contestant. The program is based around an extremely challenging obstacle course competition in Japan. Qualifiers in the American version go on to compete in Japan, where few Americans have ever completed the course. That’s an okay description, but follow the link if you want to know more. Anyway, I’ve recently been doing more studio photography at 1320Main and Brent took me up on my invitation to come shoot sometime. To my surprise, when we finally hooked up he asked if I minded if a television crew from the G4 network came along to document the shoot for part of a day-in-the-life segment they were doing on him for the show. Sounded fun to me. And it was. Monday, a crew of 4, plus Brent showed up and we had a great time shooting him doing corkscrews and back flips in the studio and up on the roof. He’s an amazing athlete and it was fun just to watch him go airborne with nothing more than two quick steps. The only thing I wish we had more of was time, as the crew was on a tight schedule. But we’ll shoot again soon. I have several ideas that I think would combine to make a great series of images. And they tell me the show will air on the G4 network and possibly NBC sometime later this summer. I’ll be sure to mention it when I hear.

On a technical note (tune out here if you’re not a photo nerd), the only thing more that I needed was a faster strobe, particularly for the studio shots. Freezing motion with strobes is only possible if the strobes have a fast enough flash duration to only expose the subject for 1/500 of a second or less. This is particularly necessary when someone is doing flips, as the head and feet are whipping around at extremely fast speeds, in which case you need strobes with a flash duration of at least 1/1000 of a second. I shot this with a borrowed Calumet pack as key and my White Lightnings as fill, but I’m not sure that either were fast enough. Thus the motion blur on the feet. It’s not entirely a bad thing, as the blur gives a sense of him flipping through the air, but ideally I would like to freeze it. Should I have done this for a client I probably would have rented a Profoto rig or something similar.

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